On September 2019, we are glad to invite you to our first scientific colloquium in place of COLLOQUIUM IIVVK. More information on Colloquium calendar or on our Facebook.


Colloquium the Institute of innovative education, science, and culture

Unique place with individual attitude and experiences.

Inspired by the Scandinavian ECO attitude to the human being and the World.

It’s a place for YOU, your family, friends and colleagues.

History, understanding and experience is basis for personal development of human.

Quality is the most important and the most valuable from all aspects of our performances.

Science Q Research
(projects, research activities)

Analysis and exploration is our way to understanding.

The basis of understanding is exploration. That’s why Science and Research is for us the inseparable part. Science and Research continuously relate to our education. In practical Colloquium, we verifies results realised in standard practice.

Education Q Summer school
(courses, practices, and trainings)

We teach to understand known and experience adventure.

We bring up innovative content and forms of education by connection of residential and foreign experts from academic and professional sphere.

(scientific, professional and cultural colloquium)

We develop critical thinking, progress and personal growth.

Slovak – Scandinavian colloquium bring up scientific, professional and cultural topics from the side of experts working in professional spheres from different areas related to Slovakia and Scandinavia.

Supervision Q Consultation

We emphasize quality and personal attitude in searching of solutions.

Do you need an advice or consult your dilemma? Supervision and counsel can be found here in one place with emphasis on individuality and personal attitude.